President’s Charity Art Exhibition 2013

President’s Charity Art Exhibition 2013 was held at the ARTrium MICA. The Opening Ceremony for the Exhibition was held on 25th May 2013 (Saturday), at 12nn by President of the Republic of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam.

Organisers 主办单位

President's Charity Art Exhibition by Lim Sew Yong 总统慈善基金之林秀香画展 is founded by artist Lim Sew Yong, and organised together with the Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan and Raffles Fine Arts Auctioneers Pte Ltd.

Origin 创办开始

For the first time and in 2013, Madam Lim Sew Yong donated her original artworks to fundraise for The President's Challenge Charity and organised a charity art exhibition at MICA, titled "President's Charity Art Exhibition 2013 by Lim Sew Yong".

Back in 2012, when Madam Lim Sew Yong started sharing with people her idea to raise funds for The President's Challenge , she received quite so many well-intentioned alternatives but not as much understanding. She put in her own dedication and quietly went to work. Day after day. And for almost 15 months more.

But not even Madam Lim had quite imagined that she would eventually carry on to singularly create more than 150 pieces of original painting for the charity art exhibition and then be as fortunate to attract such goodwill from so many other big-hearted Singaporeans.

This year, Madam Lim gathered 8 local artists, 6 of whom are pioneer artists, and one from China to jointly contribute some 60 paintings to fund-raise for The President's Challenge Charity.

The festival's organiser Raffles Fine Arts Auctioneers and Wild Empire Choral Group have also come together to co-organise a fine arts and song interactive program titled "Lets Paint Together" for school children to experiment with aesthetics.

With leading technology contributed by Tunity Technology, visitors to the exhibition can use their handphones to extract video presentations of each painting by each of the various artists as they tour the exhibition.

The Singapore Post and Raffles Fine Arts Auctioneers have created a first-of-its-kind, commemorative batch of stamps for this charity art exhibition, featuring selected works from each of the 9 contributing artists. And as many Singaporeans will miss this art exhibition, we hope the stamps can additionally serve as a more permanant and accessible option for those who always care to share and to show support for art that is made in Singapore.

President Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, Minister Mr. Chan Chun Sing, Former Minister of State Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Mr. Phua Kiah Mai at Exhibition Opening

President Dr. Tony Tan shakes hands with Mdm. Lim Sew Yong

President Dr. Tony Tan, Minister Mr. Lawrence Wong, Minister Mr. Chan Chun Sing

President Dr. Tony Tan and Mdm. Lim Sew Yong

President Dr. Tony Tan, Minister Mr. Lawrence Wong, Minister Mr. Chan Chun Sing and Former Minster of State Dr. Ho Kah Leong


Minister Mr. Lawrence Wong and Mdm. Lim Sew Yong

Minister Mr. Mah Bow Tan, Mdm. Lim Sew Yong, Mr. Timothy Chionh, Ms. Ong Chiak Yin

President Dr. Tony Tan and his wife, Mdm. Mary Chee Bee Kiang, Minister Mr. Chan Chun Sing and Mdm. Lim Sew Yong

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Raffles Fine Arts Auctioneers Pte Ltd 来福拍卖行

Raffles Fine Arts Auctioneers Pte Ltd was incorporated on 13 November 1992 and formed under the auspices of the National Arts Council (NAC). Being the first ever locally established fine arts auctioneer, its inauguration was attended by Professor Tommy Koh who was then the Chairman of NAC.

Since then, the company had held various exhibitions and art auctions. With much goodwill and support from the Arts fraternity and a widening field of business associates, Raffles also commenced the management and financial consulting services in 1994. Familiar with the regulations, Raffles keenly directed a number of her foreign clientele to set up business and find new life in Singapore.

In the area of management and financial consulting, Raffles often advise our business clients on the formation of companies and especially on project fund raising. Since 2003, Raffles was appointed by Multi-national investment banking consulting organization, EFMC International Inc of USA and became their representative for Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the People's Republic of China and Malaysia.